Building Plasterwork Damage
22 Feb 2018

How Can Damp Affect Your Business?

Damp can appear in any building - it isn’t just found in homes. Businesses can also suffer from this problem and if left untreated, it can leave a long-lasting, negative effect. If damp is found, it's recommended that you enquire about a damp proofing quote…

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damp and condesation window winter
13 Feb 2018

How to Assess Winter Damage in Your Home

Winter may not be over just yet, but now is the time that you should be assessing your home for any potential damage caused by the harsh and unforgiving weather. After all, it’s far better to check for problems now rather than let them escalate…

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damp proofing paint
01 Feb 2018

Why Should I Treat My Home’s Damp Problem?

It can be easy to assume that problems in your home will eventually disappear with time but, with damp, that isn’t the case. It is something that is common in many homes and can be treated quickly and easily when spotted. You may consider damp proofing…

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potten end case study
30 Jan 2018

Potten End Case Study

A lovely 1850s cottage, originally a pair of very small terraced 1 up/1 down properties with an old rear extension housing the kitchen, has recently received work after first opting for a damp proofing quote. Originally, the property was never constructed with a damp proof course…

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home improvement
09 Jan 2018

Home Improvements for the Year Ahead

For many people, the New Year means it is time for a change. While it may not always be possible to up sticks and move house, there are certain home improvements that can make it feel like a whole new home in next to no…

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