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Home Improvements for the Year Ahead

home improvement

For many people, the New Year means it is time for a change. While it may not always be possible to up sticks and move house, there are certain home improvements that can make it feel like a whole new home in next to no time at all.

Whether you are looking to redecorate or make some bigger structural changes, chances are you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new. Whether this is simply moving furniture around or making bigger changes to your home with extensions and more, then you’re in for some exciting changes in 2018. Sadly, all the upheaval can leave you with something rather unpleasant – but if you uncover a damp problem, then we may be able to help.

Here at Garratt’s Damp, we provide home surveys and damp proofing quotes to ensure your home stays as comfortable and as inviting as you want it to be. After all our work and yours with your home improvements, you can still kick off 2018 with the changes you need for your home.

Looking for home improvement inspiration? Keep reading for our top tips on how you can improve your home this year.

Why not redecorate?

Whether your interior décor is looking a little dated or it’s simply time for a change, redecorating is possibly the quickest and easiest way to improve the look and feel of your home. Refresh your home with a bright, bold colour or a geometric patterned wallpaper as a feature wall for a look that is on trend and will bring your home bang up to date in the style stakes.

Redecorating is often a time when homeowners uncover problems with their homes, and damp is more common than you might think. However, once uncovered, this is a problem that is easily solved with the right help.

Moving the room around

You might want to make smaller change to rooms by simply moving the room around. Moving your furniture around can not only change the way the room looks but it can also make the room feel bigger and homelier. While big furniture may be difficult to move, but by just moving the coffee table to the other end of the room or swapping a bookshelf for a picture can really make you feel better about the look of a room.

When you move your furniture, be on the lookout for musky smells and other tell-tale signs of damp! Catching these problems early on can save a lot of hassle in the long run.

Change the Flooring

You may be tired of your flooring and want to make a change - carpets are the perfect thing to replace your old tired wooden flooring and it looks great, too. What’s more, it can make your home feel much warmer, cosier and more inviting. If you’re going for carpet why not pick a bold colour, it could add colour to any room as well as changing the feel of your home in an instant.

Worried about Damp Proofing?

While simple home improvements for the New Year can be exciting, if you suspect you have a problem with damp of any kind in your home, then please get in touch. You can call us directly on 0208 535 7536 for more information or a quote on a home survey.

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