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Benefits of Tanking Your Basement


While basements have been a staple of home construction in multiple countries, they are still a relatively new concept in the UK. Previously, any underground structure in the UK was considered a cellar rather than a basement, meaning that it was designed for storage rather than living purposes. Despite this, the growing population in the UK has meant that there’s a lot to be gained from maximising living space. This is especially true of densely populated urban areas, such as London, where a basement can provide a practical solution to limited space.

For a basement to be used in a living capacity, it must be tanked to ensure that it’s not liable to flooding. To that end, detailed below are just some of the benefits of tanking your basement.

Building a Basement in the UK

There are numerous advantages to building and tanking a basement in the UK, including the following:

Maximising Living Space

Perhaps the most compelling benefit of tanking your basement is the fact that it allows you to maximise your living space without drastically changing the footprint of your home. For instance, if you have limited land space, a basement is the ideal mode of adding extra rooms. Some of the most popular basement conversions include a guest bedroom, gym, home office, or simply additional storage.

Property Value Enhancement

Your property value can be considerably enhanced by a well-constructed basement. Real estate prices are continuing to rise, meaning building and tanking a basement can be a strategic method of adding value to your property. After all, a watertight, well-maintained basement can be a real selling point.

Environmental Benefits

Since building and tanking a basement allows you to maximise your property space without the need to expand its footprint, there are environmental benefits to such. Not only does a basement reduce the need to encroach on green areas, but making use of it can also be energy efficient. This is because it benefits from natural insulation, which helps to reduce overall energy consumption.

Flexibility in Design and Use

Tanking your basement allows you to tailor the space to suit your particular preferences and requirements. Tranquil retreats, home gyms, and cosy entertainment areas are just some of the spaces that can be created from a basement. As a result, basements boast versatility and can evolve with the changing needs of your home.

Cementitious Tanking,  Cavity Membranes What’s the Difference?

Tanking is all about making a basement space watertight and impervious to moisture. Three of the products used to achieve this include tanking slurry, tanking membranes, and tanking paint; however, they are all slightly different from one another.

Cementitious Coatings

Cementitious coatings is a cement-based waterproofing solution that’s applied directly to the basement floors and walls. From this, a strong, impermeable barrier against moisture is created. The process involves mixing the pre-bagged products or mixing sand, cement & a waterproofing additive before applying onto surfaces. As the system dries, a durable, water-resistant coating is formed.


  • Provides a seamless, continuous waterproofing layer.
  • Can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including masonry, brick, and concrete.
  • Effective against dampness and water ingress alike.

Tanking Membranes

Tanking membranes are physical barriers that are installed on the exterior and interior of basement walls to prevent water penetration. Membranes are generally crafted of plastic & the system requires drainage


  • Contributes to energy efficiency by providing excellent insulation.
  • Can be used in retrofit and new construction alike.
  • Reliably protects against water ingress.

Planning Permission for Basements

The need for planning permission will depend on a number of factors. Before embarking on a basement project, it’s vital that you understand the guidelines and regulations associated with basement development. This understanding will help you carry out a legal and seamless construction process.

Here at Garratt’s, we’re well-versed in the world of basement tanking and conversion, so we can help you determine whether planning permission is required. Simply contact us regarding a no-obligation survey, and we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what will be needed to transform your basement. Should you choose to proceed with our services, we’ll use our 20 years of industry experience to determine the best course of action. The end result will be a watertight basement that can be transformed into usable space.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you maximise your home’s potential!

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