There’s no one way to eradicate rising damp, which is why Garratt’s Damp & Timber Ltd. provides tailored solutions to resolve rising damp issues. Whether you’re a landlord, property manager, or building contractor, we’re able to cater to all manner of property types, allowing you to eradicate rising damp and its detrimental effects from your property portfolio.

What Is Rising Damp?

Both interior and exterior walls can be impacted by rising damp, and it’s caused by groundwater. This is because bricks and mortar get affected by the capillary action of the water, which results in damp. Typically speaking, rising damp only rises anywhere from 1cm to 1m above ground level; however, it can sometimes rise higher. That said, with an effective damp proof course in place, walls are much less likely to hold damp.

Rising damp is especially common in older buildings or houses with poor ventilation. Similarly, buildings close to rivers have an increased chance of flooding, which means that damp is more likely to present itself.

How Do You Identify Rising Damp?

There are a few telling signs of rising damp; however, without professional intervention, rising damp can be mistaken for an internal leak in the building’s plumbing. Despite this, some of the indicators that are typical of rising damp include the following:

  • Moisture and bands of salt on interior plaster and external brickwork.
  • Dampness on walls internally at low levels.
  • Damp patches on exterior walls, which may show lichen or moss growth and water staining.

How Do You Prevent Rising Damp?

Living conditions don’t affect rising damp, so it’s the duty of landlords and property managersto ensure that a suitable damp proof course is in place.

How Is Rising Damp Fixed?

In order to fix rising damp, we will first have to carry out a property survey to identify the required course of action. Some or all of the following steps may then be necessary to amend the issue:

  • Removal and replacement of damaged and/or salt-contaminated interior plastering.
  • Replacement of joists or interior flooring in contact with the damp.
  • Injection of a chemical damp proof course.
  • Removal of the soil or bridging materials to ensure a minimum 150m clearance below the damp proof course, dependent on interior floor levels/construction.

Rising Damp Specialists Near Me

If you’re a contractor on the hunt for rising damp specialists across London and the Home Counties, look no further than Garratt’s Damp & Timber Ltd. We can restore your client's building to its former glory, keeping the tenants safe and happy.

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