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How Can Damp Affect Your Business?

Building Plasterwork Damage

Damp can appear in any building - it isn’t just found in homes. Businesses can also suffer from this problem and if left untreated, it can leave a long-lasting, negative effect.

If damp is found, it's recommended that you enquire about a damp proofing quote in order to get the correct information to allow you to fix the issue. However, some business owners may identify the signs of damp but think that it isn't an immediate issue, leaving it untreated and causing it to further worsen. The truth is that damp can affect your business - and here's how.


The appearance of a business is incredibly important and if the building suffers from damp it can dramatically change the way it looks. Damp patches are unsightly and will produce an easily-recognisable musty smell which could result in customers being put off and avoiding the business entirely. When potential customers or clients are visiting the building, the appearance is something that cannot be avoided so you need to be sure that you are welcoming them with a clean, damp-free business environment.


It’s not just cosmetics that can be affected by damp, as it can also damage the property. Unsightly damp patches on the wall could be affecting the electrics, in which case it may not only cause damage but could also be very dangerous. The flipside to this is that as it worsens and spreads throughout the building, it will create a trail of damage which could end up being very costly to fix. So, getting a damp proofing quote to sort the issue now could save you more money in the long run.

Customer Opinion

Customers are integral to every business. With that in mind, it's important that they feel comfortable, and with a damp problem, people may try to avoid using your business which could end up leaving you out of pocket.

Customers should not only feel comfortable, but they should also have confidence in your business. If they regularly visit and notice that the damp issue hasn’t been resolved over time, the logical conclusion is to think that you take no pride in your business. This may result in customers losing their faith in you and your business - the last thing that you want to achieve. 

If your business is suffering from a damp problem, these reasons should be more than enough to inform you of the importance of addressing the issue. Leaving damp untreated will only make matters worse and could cost you more money in the long run.

Call in the experts, fix your damp problem now and keep your customers happy with you and your business. For more information or to enquire about a damp proofing quote, please contact us now.

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