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Why Should I Treat My Home’s Damp Problem?

It can be easy to assume that problems in your home will eventually disappear with time but, with damp, that isn’t the case. It is something that is common in many homes and can be treated quickly and easily when spotted. You may consider damp proofing an unnecessary expense but, long-term, it could save you money, as well as your home.

What Can Damp Do to Your Home?

There are two increasingly common forms of damp, which are condensation and rising damp. Condensation can be a constant pain in some homes, causing wallpaper and paint to peel, carpets to become cold and wet, as well as leaving a horrible musty smell in the air. It can occur in any room with a build-up of excess moisture, trapping moisture in the room which then causes damp patches to form on the wall, ceiling or floor. It can also lead to walls and ceilings becoming discoloured.

Rising damp often requires more work to treat. This form of damp can lead to the internal plaster breaking down and, whilst being hazardous to your home, it also looks unsightly. In some cases, the flooring and joists need to be replaced whilst in others the plaster will need removing and replacing. An injection of damp proof chemicals may be needed – to do this, the soil may need to be removed in order to place it in the right area.

Why Would it Benefit You?

Whilst you may be worried about spending money to fix the problem now, it will only get worse leading to more needing to be done later. Fixing your damp problem will ensure that your home looks better, it won’t feel damp and cold and the musty smell will disperse leaving you with a fresh and clean smelling house. However, it’s not all about the looks, as damp proofing will save your home from more damage.

Your furniture won’t be at risk from damp and the wallpaper and paint will stay on your walls looking clean and fresh, but more importantly, the brickwork and floorboards will be intact. By fixing your damp problem, you will be giving your home the much-needed care it needs.

Do You Think You Need Damp Proofing?

Whilst you might be worried about your potential damp problem, it’s better to get a professional opinion. So, if you are worried about your home having a damp problem, contact the Garratt’s Damp team now for a survey and quotation.

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