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How to Assess Winter Damage in Your Home

damp and condesation window winter

Winter may not be over just yet, but now is the time that you should be assessing your home for any potential damage caused by the harsh and unforgiving weather. After all, it’s far better to check for problems now rather than let them escalate with any more upcoming bad weather.

It’s important that you check for any damage caused to the roof, attic and pipes, but you should also check for any damp. Should you find any signs of damp, the best course of action is to get a damp proofing quote in order to assess how bad the damage is. With that in mind, here are few other things that you will need to check now that winter is finally on its way out.

What to Look Out for

  • Damp – One of the most common results of any winter damage is damp, and while it may not look as though it can cause many problems, it will. Damp can be found anywhere in the house and if left untreated, is likely to spread and worsen, causing further damage to your property. If you do spot any signs of damp in your home, enquire about a damp proofing quote in order to resolve the problem now - don’t leave it to worsen
  • Cracks – The winter can bring all kinds of harsh weather conditions such as snow, wind, rain and the occasional storm. Each of these will hit your home with a lot of force and over time can result in cracked pipes, bricks and walls. Again, this is something that if left untreated, can result in further damage to your property in the future

What to Check

  • Pipes and Guttering – Your guttering and any outside pipes will be the first to be hit by the weather and are also likely to receive the most damage. Guttering can be easily damaged if the wind is strong enough or the fixtures are loose, so it’s important that you give them a once-over to check they are all in one piece. As for the pipes, they are not so easily damaged, but in a frost, any liquid inside will freeze if uncovered. This can result in the pipes expanding and splitting which will cause leaks
  • Roof and Attic – These are two other areas of the home which are likely to receive damage during the winter. Roof tiles can be damaged, loosened and can even fall leaving an unprotected patch on your roof, leaving your attic exposed to the weather. While these can be checked fairly easily, we recommended getting an expert to inspect the roof for safety reasons
  • Exterior and Interior Walls – Both the inside and outside of your home will need to be checked over for any issues. The outside will need to be checked for any obvious damage to the walls like cracks, and each room inside the home will need to be checked for any signs of damp as well as any cracks or splits in the plasterwork

This handy checklist should help you to identify any potential damage that your home has received by the brutal winter. If home improvements and maintenance are at the bottom of your to-do list, move them to the top now in order to fix any issues before they get worse.

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