When it comes to dealing with damp and timber, there’s no one approach, which is why Garratt’s Damp & Timber Ltd. provides tailored solutions to prevent and amend all manner of complications. For instance, combatting flooding in basements requires the help of basement waterproofing contractors. This is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to transform a basement into a liveable area within a block of flats, especially as you have a duty of care to those inhabiting the area.

Basements are especially prone to flooding as they sit below ground level. As a result, porous walls can easily be penetrated by groundwater, and if this happens consistently, the fabric of a building can be severely damaged. This is in addition to recurring damp and mould complications.

Primarily, Garratt’s handles two types of basement tanking, including type A waterproofing (cementitious tanking) and type C waterproofing (membrane sealed tanking). Since type B waterproofing relates to building fabrics that are introduced at the construction stage, this isn’t one of our specialities. That said, you can discover more about the commercial basement tanking solutions that we do offer below.

Type A Waterproofing: Cementitious Tanking

Generally, we employ cementitious tanking for simpler remedial damp proofing projects in which the risk of serious groundwater ingress is small. As a result, this is the most common basement waterproofing solution, wherein a barrier is created that stands in the way of water entering the property.

Type A waterproofing involves the internal walls being stripped back to their base material before new materials are applied. These new materials can come in the form of sand and cement render, splatter coat and sand, and a multi-coat render gets applied before everything is combined with a waterproofing agent. This agent will vary depending on the project at hand, with epoxy resins, slurries, and sika additives being among the most popular.

Type C Waterproofing: Membrane Sealed Tanking

Membrane sealed tanking is the more complex of the two waterproofing methods we provide, as it involves the installation of a membrane to trap any water ingress before pumping it away. As a result, the internal walls are then cleared of any loose, friable, and organic material before the membrane is installed on the applicable walls, floors, and ceilings. This is done using specialised plugs, wherein necessary piping or plumbing is sealed to the membrane to minimise disruption. Following this, a sump and pump system is created by the installation of perimeter channels around the base of the walls or floor. This means that the water gets carried away from the property to a suitable external drainage system.

As you can imagine, type C basement tanking is the more reliable of the two methods, as it has the capacity to handle large and unpredictable volumes of water with less structural effect on the building.

 Basement Waterproofing, London

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