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Potten End Case Study

potten end case study

A lovely 1850s cottage, originally a pair of very small terraced 1 up/1 down properties with an old rear extension housing the kitchen, has recently received work after first opting for a damp proofing quote.

Originally, the property was never constructed with a damp proof course as such practice did not generally commence until 1865+ when slate was used. The wall was therefore subject to the effects of rising damp. Groundwater and salts (typically chloride and nitrate compound) in contact with the lower wall had risen through capillary action. This resulted in dampness and salt contamination to the lower one metre of the walls.

The wall construction was interesting too. The lower section was cobbled stone and cement followed by soft, old red brick, a layer of oak, more bricks and more timber.

We assume that the section of oak embedded in the wall was second-hand when the cottage was first built. Why? Because it has insect flight and emergence holes of woodworm aka common furniture beetle (anobium punctatum) and also Death Watch Beetle (xestobium rufovillosum). These holes must surely have been present prior to the building's construction and initial rendering.

The walls were taken back to the brickwork up to 1.2 metres on the original ground floor construction and a waterproof render containing Sika1 was applied prior to the final skim finish. In this case, the thickness of newly implemented works was approximately 30mm and which will require 1-2 months' drying by natural evaporation ahead of decorating. Trying to accelerate drying by use of dehumidifiers or heaters is not recommended as this can result in cracking of finish plaster. Cement and plaster both have very different drying profiles so it’s best to let it dry naturally.

The loft void across both original properties was also treated. While it didn’t require damp proofing, it did, however, need treating for woodworm due to recent activity as evidenced by fresh frass from the flight holes in the rafters and purlins.

Our Time Frame:

Request for survey: 5th December

Surveyed:                  6th Dec 1 pm

Report submitted:   6th Dec 5 pm

Works booked:         7th Dec

Works conducted:   20-21st Dec

This was a well protected, efficient and well-executed job by Garratt's Damp & Timber in a time frame ideal for the clients of this lovely property.

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