There is no one way to resolve damp and timber issues, which is why we provide a bespoke service to eradicate all manner of problems effectively. Regardless of the complication at hand and the property type you live in, we’re here to help. You can see just how versatile our services are by visiting our case studies page and discovering the unique instances we’ve dealt with in the past.

Damp proofing is an issue that every property owner will probably face at some stage in their property-owning journey. It is a problem that can affect any property, regardless of size, location, and age, and can take the form of rising damp, flooding, woodworm, dry or wet rot, persistent mould, and condensation.

What is damp?

Understanding what damp is and how to get rid of damp will relieve you of any unnecessary anxiety around damp problems. The more you know, and the earlier you catch it, the better (and cheaper) the outcome will be for you.

Need a damp survey?

Garratt’s Damp & Timber is one of the most experienced London damp proofing companies and offers damp proofing surveys to help ease homeowners’ concerns about potential damp issues.

If you have noticed damage in your property that looks like it could be the result of damp, then book a survey with Garratt’s and get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently. Signs of damp include:

  • Discoloured walls that are moist to the touch.
  • A leak in the ceiling.
  • Flooding in your basement.
  • Dark patches around window and door frames.
  • Excess condensation.

Garratt’s will remove the mystique around damp proofing and provide you with clear steps to eradicate the problem and protect your property for the future.


What causes damp?

Damp comes in many forms, and one standard driver is an excess of moisture or humidity in the environment. Condensation is formed by increased levels of humidity in the property. However, high humidity levels can also result in wet and dry rot, particularly in areas with little traffic and ventilation, such as the loft and basement areas.

Other causes include leaks from damaged roof tiling, plumbing systems, windows and doors that might need repair or replacement and will require intervention from a specialist trade in that particular area.

Rising damp is caused by a faulty damp proof course and an excess of external groundwater penetrating the walls.

What is woodworm?

If timber materials in the property become moist, there is a strong chance of woodworm infestation, which will eat away at the timber. This can leave the timber frail, and the woodworm infestation will move onto other wooden items on your property, such as the furniture and floorboards, where they will continue feeding and laying their eggs.

How to get rid of damp?

There are a number of solutions Garratt’s can implement to help you get rid of dampness. After a survey, Garratt’s creates a no-obligation quotation outlining the recommended works and detailing the costs involved.

What is damp proofing?

The solutions implemented by Garratt’s to help property owners get rid of damp include damp proof courses (DPC), basement tanking and chemical spray treatment for woodworm and wet and dry rot. All damp proofing solutions are designed to both eliminate the current source of the damp and protect the property from future damp as well.

Does your damp proofing come with guarantees?

Yes. All basement tanking work is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. General damp proofing solutions come with a 20-year guarantee. Woodworm and dry/wet rot treatments have a 30-year guarantee.

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