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Damp Proofing Professionals

When looking for a full and thorough damp proofing solution, you need to be able to call upon a reliable service provider with years of experience in the inspection, diagnosis and treatment of all types of damp. At Garratt’s Damp & Timber, we have spent almost two decades perfecting our techniques and methods of damp proofing, so much so that we offer a 20-year guarantee of all general work conducted by our team.

Damp is an issue that can affect any property, regardless of size, location and age. Whether it is a rising damp problem as a result of a faulty Damp Proof Course (DPC), woodworm, rot or persistent mould on walls as a result of condensation, there is no shame in it. However, any sign of damp must be taken care of immediately before the problem is allowed to manifest itself into something far more serious.

As one of the most experienced local damp proofing companies in London and the home counties, our team is best placed to offer a comprehensive service that you can rely on. If you’re looking for a trustworthy London damp company, look no further.

Damp Proofing Contractors

Garratt’s Damp & Timber is a name that you can trust and is synonymous with work carried out of the highest quality. Unlike some other damp experts in London, we do not blind you with science and instead, lead you through all the steps of the damp-proofing process, clearly explaining the work that is required, why it needs to be done and how long this is likely to take.

As part of our home surveys, we offer a no-obligation quotation detailing the costs involved for any work. Whether you are seeking to address damp problems in the bedroom, a leak in the ceiling or looking to waterproof your basement, our team will be able to tell you the work that needs to be done, as well as carry out the relevant treatment to the highest standard possible.

Causes of Dampness

There are numerous causes of damp, which is why it is not uncommon for a property to suffer from at least one type or another. Condensation is by far and away the most common type of persisting damp issue and is caused by increased levels of humidity in the property. High levels of humidity can also result in wet and dry rot, particularly in areas that see little traffic and ventilation such as the loft and basement areas.

Other causes include leaks in the property resulting from damaged roof tiling and/or plumbing systems, which will result in penetrating damp. Whereas rising damp problems result from an impeded or bridged DPC in the walls.

If timber materials in the property become moist, there is a strong chance of a woodworm infestation which will eat away at the material. This can leave timber frail, while the infestation will move on to find other wooden materials (i.e. furniture) to feed on and lay their eggs.

Damp Proofing Solutions

Whatever the type of damp your property has, we will have the right solution for you. There isn’t much that our professional team hasn’t encountered over the years, and there is yet to be any problem that we haven’t been able to successfully treat.

All basement tanking work is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, while general damp proofing solutions come with a 20-year guarantee for your peace of mind. On top of this, our woodworm treatments, which commonly involve either an application of gel or chemical spray, are guaranteed for 30 years.

When treatments are incorrectly carried out by inexperienced contractors or amateurs unsure as to what they are doing, this can result in the need for further, costlier, remedial work in the not-to-distant future. This is why all damp proofing work must be carried out by a team of qualified professionals, otherwise, you are putting the health of your property and anyone inside of it at needless risk.

How Much is Damp Proofing?

We are unable to offer a one-size-fits-all price for any of the damp proofing work carried out by the Garratt’s Damp & Timber team as any quotation is determined by the severity of damage and the level of work and materials required. This is why a survey is required to inspect the damp problem before we can offer a price, allowing our damp course specialist team to inspect and diagnose the issue.

For example, the cost of a damp proofing installation, such as basement tanking, is dependent on the exact type of method required. Similarly, damp proofing existing walls in the building will be cheaper if they are in good condition, but likely to be more expensive if there is a faulty DPC that requires maintenance or a complete replacement.

Whatever the costs of the damp proofing work your property requires, we can guarantee that it will be nothing compared to what you will have to pay should you opt for the cheap option and need further repair work as a result of it. In the worst-case scenario, the foundations of the property can be damaged which can render the building unsafe for purpose and require costly renovation work far beyond the initial damp treatment.

Call Garratt’s Damp & Timber

For further information on the range of treatment offered by our team of professional damp proofing contractors, or to arrange for a damp survey in London and a no-obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Garratt’s Damp & Timber team today.

You can reach us either by calling the office on 0208 535 7536 or by sending us a message through our contact page and filling out our enquiry form. A member of our damp solutions team will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your query.

We offer our damp proofing services across London, including in the north, south, east and west.

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