Crack in a Concrete Floor
21 May 2021

How to Repair Cracks in Concrete Floor in Basement

In the UK, it’s thought that only around 2% of homes have basements (rooms at least 1m below ground with a permanent staircase, concrete floor and natural lighting). In instances where basements do exist, they are typically part of large, old houses located in cities…

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Heavy Mould on White Plaster
19 May 2021

How to Deal with Damp on Walls

As a homeowner, damp is one of your worst enemies. It not only looks bad, but it can be detrimental to the structure of your home. It can appear almost anywhere; be it on the outside of your home on the inside. It can present…

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Domestic Brickwork Showing Facing and Damage Due Water
17 May 2021

What Does Water Ingress Mean?

Water ingress is a common problem that many homeowners may face, and whilst people in the construction industry know what it means, most laypeople probably don’t know what it is. If you’ve heard this phrase and are unsure what it means, don’t worry. In this…

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Efflorescence - powdery-white salt deposits on the wall
22 Apr 2021

What Are Efflorescence Problems?

Efflorescence is a French word, meaning ‘to flower out’ and while at first read you might think it’s a lovely term that glides off the tongue, sadly the presence of efflorescence can be an indication of damp or moisture problems in your property. Moisture in…

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Damp Rotten Window Frame
15 Apr 2021

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Rotted Windows?

Rotting windows on your home can be the result of many a problem or even no problem at all and simply due to age and exposure to the elements. Your external window frames and walls are your first layer of protection from the elements and…

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Black Mould on wall around the window frame
08 Apr 2021

Avoid Condensation on Walls in Winter

In an effort to retain cosiness and warmth within the home during the cooler months, many people have a tendency to keep windows and vents closed, but not opening your windows during winter could cause catastrophic damp issues. If you’ve noticed mould and black patches…

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Dry Rot in Wooden Frame
01 Apr 2021

What are the Stages of Dry Rot?

If you have noticed a brown type of mould on wood in your property, or if it appears to be cracked and crumbly, it’s likely you’ve got a case of dry rot. In this blog, we’ll explore the stages of dry rot and how it…

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Applying water proof paint
31 Mar 2021

What is Damp-Proof Paint and Does it Work?

Damp of any kind is a structural issue at worst and an aesthetic issue at best, and whilst the look of peeling paint might not rival the severity of the internal damage at the root of the problem, it can certainly have a big impact…

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CaCL2 ampule Crystal Damp Removal
04 Feb 2021

Do Crystal Damp Removers Work?

Damp is an issue that affects most homes at some point or another and, as a result, there are many different types of damp removers available to buy. One of the items that has stormed the market as of late is the indoor dehumidifier.  Now…

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Dry Rot
28 Jan 2021

Will Dry Rot Spread Without Water?

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll be aware of the many issues that can crop up and affect your home, be it roof issues, pipe issues or the dreaded damp. It’s something we all fear not just because of how destructive it can be, but also…

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