Detail of Common Furniture Beetle Damage
29 Mar 2020

Can Woodworm be Harmful to Humans?

Naked to the human eye, the woodworm that infests timber structures in the home is actually beetle larvae that have hatched from eggs. Often, the first signs of woodworm are the small holes left behind once the larvae have fully grown and left the wood…

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Sunset over meadow with dandelions
17 Mar 2020

Damp in the Summer – What to Watch Out For

Contrary to popular belief, during the summer months, homes and business premises are just as susceptible to damp as rainy autumn or winter. Wet walls, damp patches and mould growth can all remain equally prevalent and, in some environments, they can even get worse. At…

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woodworm signs
08 Mar 2020

How to Know if Your Property is Suffering From Woodworm

Rather than being an actual worm, woodworm is actually a larvae beetle that eats wood, both indoors and outdoors. There are a few different conditions present in homes and properties that can lead to infestations, so it is important to know what the signs of…

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