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How to Know if Your Property is Suffering From Woodworm

woodwormRather than being an actual worm, woodworm is actually a larvae beetle that eats wood, both indoors and outdoors. There are a few different conditions present in homes and properties that can lead to infestations, so it is important to know what the signs of woodworm issues can be to ensure you spot them sooner rather than later.

Knowing this, our specialist team here at Garratt’s Damp and Timber have put together a brief guide to highlight the major signs of woodworm infestations. This way, you can more accurately diagnose woodworm issues before they get worse, allowing you to contact an expert who can help treat the problem quickly and efficiently. This is key to reducing the long-term damage that woodworm can cause if left untreated or dealt with.

What Are the Signs of Woodworm?

Typically, the most obvious and well-known indicator of woodworm being present is small holes in wood. These are actually exit holes, indicating that the wood has been infested previously and the adult wood-boring insects have already consumed and exited the material. Unfortunately, by the time we recognise these holes, the infestation will probably have already resulted in considerable damage to the wood in question. You may also see some sawdust or even dead beetles near your wood if you have a closer look, confirming that the insects have already left.

However, whilst an infestation that has already exited may cause notable damage, it’s still important to prevent further infestations from occurring. The more often you check your wood for the signs of woodworm, the better chance you will have of identifying the issue as early as possible and preventing it from creating further damage. Woodworm season is classed as May to October, so this is when you should start doing regular inspections to enable you to take immediate action at the very first sight of trouble – reducing the risk of repeat infestations that can result in the wood’s structural integrity being compromised.

How to Treat Woodworm

Sometimes, you may identify a woodworm infestation too late and the wood will already be falling apart, but in many cases, woodworm is treatable and can save whatever timber structure is currently affected. At Garratt’s Damp, we offer a simple and effective treatment for woodworm, varying based on the specific species of beetle and type of infestation you are facing.

The objective is to kill off the infestation in its entirety, preventing the wood-boring insects them from laying eggs and causing further holes throughout your wooden items, furniture and structures. There are different types of woodworm, with the Longhorn Beetle larvae being deemed the most damaging and concerning. Whilst it can be fairly easy to treat with products you can purchase at DIY stores, it’s highly advisable to speak to a specialist that can identify the species causing this issue and prescribe the appropriate treatment method. Whilst the signs of woodworm are common between most species, the treatment methods for the different insects can vary, so be sure to consult a qualified expert.

Where They Attack

Woodworm can appear in any type of timber, including joists, floorboards (underside) and rafters within your home and skirting boards. If woodworm begins affecting your property’s structure, it can become a serious structural integrity issue due to the weakened state that the timber is left in after an infestation.

If you treat some of the infested timber, make sure to inspect it regularly during the days and weeks afterwards to check for any sawdust and more discreet signs of beetles being present. This is especially important as identifying new holes can be challenging if there are already many present and if your treatment hasn’t been successful, then the wood will only continue to grow weaker and could eventually become a safety risk.

At Garratt’s Damp and Timber, we specialise in offering fast and effective woodworm treatment, identifying the scope of your issue and treating it efficiently to reduce any disruption that may occur. Learn more about our woodworm treatment services today or get in touch and our expert team will gladly supply you with bespoke advice tailored to your personal issue.

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