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Damp in the Summer – What to Watch Out For

Sunset over meadow with dandelionsContrary to popular belief, during the summer months, homes and business premises are just as susceptible to damp as rainy autumn or winter. Wet walls, damp patches and mould growth can all remain equally prevalent and, in some environments, they can even get worse.

At Garratt’s Damp, we specialise in providing long-lasting damping solutions for all manner of spaces from corporate offices and older buildings through to newer residential properties. This range of expertise has positioned us as highly adaptable damp specialists in London, as well as providing us extensive experience in all manner of damp concerns.

Leveraging this knowledge, our specialist team have put together this quick guide covering damp in the summer; exploring the main damp issues that you are likely to face alongside how to identify them – starting with rising damp.

Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs when groundwater travels up through the bricks and mortar of a wall, the moisture can lead to damp patches and mould growth, and, if left unchecked, structural instability. To prevent this, almost all buildings are constructed with a barrier within the walls known as a damp proof course (DPC).

The damp proof course serves as a moisture repellent barricade that prevents groundwater from rising through the bricks and mortar via capillary action. However, DPC’s can become damaged and fail, resulting in regular rising damp problems.

Groundwater is present almost everywhere and at all times of the year, summer included. This makes properties of all sizes and uses at risk of experiencing a rising damp problem during the summer - though older buildings are especially vulnerable.

Keep an eye out for signs of damp covering both internal and external walls. The most recognisable sign of a rising damp concern is a clear, wall-length damp patch that can be seen or felt from the inside of the building; sometimes with moss or lichen growths. However, keep in mind that rising damp can often be limited to a very specific section of the wall and can, occasionally, be seen or felt exclusively from the outside. If in doubt, obtain a survey and receive a damp proofing quote from a team of specialists who can confirm your suspicions.

Leaking Pipes

Finally, leaking pipes can occur all year round regardless of the weather. Whilst freezing water can cause the initial damage to pipes, it can take months before that crack becomes a true leak that begins affecting your home. Fortunately, summer leaks can be addressed much in the same way as winter ones, often more easily.

If you notice an overnight damp problem that is highly localised, or water dripping down walls or out of cupboards, you are likely to be suffering from a leaking pipe. Do your best to highlight the source of the leak, restrict water reaching the area in question and get a specialist to complete a survey on the issue.

If you are currently in the throes of a summer damp concern, the Garratt’s Damp and Timber team can help. Our Consultant Surveyors can provide detailed, tailored advice based on your property and needs, regardless of whether you are a commercial business or personal homeowner. We can quickly assess the cause of your issue and provide you with a detailed and competitive damp proofing quote to match.

Get in touch with any questions you might have and we will gladly give you bespoke advice, or book a survey today.

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