Fixing Damp
20 Apr 2023

Fixing Damp and Timber Issues Can Reduce Energy Bills

The current cost-of-living crisis is leaving so many people globally in financial insecurity due to extortionate energy bills, rising food costs, and more. As a result, a number of UK residents are being forced to reduce their outgoings, with some even making a choice between…

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Damp Devalue
19 Apr 2023

Can Damp Devalue A House Price?

If you write into a Google search engine, ‘how much does damp devalue a house?’, you’ll get a range of different answers between 10 and 53 per cent. The variables take into account the spread of the damp, how long it has been left to…

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Applying Waterproofing to London Basements
20 Mar 2023

Applying Waterproofing to London Basements

As the country’s capital and largest city, London has a population of around nine million, and it’s continuing to grow. Therefore, it’s becoming more and more difficult to accommodate the sheer number of bodies in The Big Smoke. This applies to commercial and residential properties…

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Landlords And Their Tenants
17 Mar 2023

How Can I Save Energy In My Home? A Damp Expert’s Guide For Landlords And Their Tenants

There are two major issues weighing on the shoulders of property owners in the UK at the moment, particularly if you are a portfolio landlord or housing association - energy bills and lowering EPC ratings. An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, is measured from A…

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