13 Nov 2023

Benefits of Tanking Your Basement

While basements have been a staple of home construction in multiple countries, they are still a relatively new concept in the UK. Previously, any underground structure in the UK was considered a cellar rather than a basement, meaning that it was designed for storage rather…

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Applying Waterproofing to London Basements
20 Mar 2023

Applying Waterproofing to London Basements

As the country’s capital and largest city, London has a population of around nine million, and it’s continuing to grow. Therefore, it’s becoming more and more difficult to accommodate the sheer number of bodies in The Big Smoke. This applies to commercial and residential properties…

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Brown Rot Cuboidal Cracking
23 Sep 2022

What is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Rot?

One of the most common concerns of property owners and tenants across the UK is dry and wet rot control. Despite this, identifying the differences between a dry rot fruiting body and wet rot can be quite tricky to distinguish. Though both are wood-destroying fungi,…

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Basement Tanking Images (3)
25 Aug 2022

Why is Basement Pump Servicing Important?

The final result after tanking a basement room is additional living space that is clean, dry, well-insulated, and ventilated. After months of awaiting planning permission, and scheduling in the different trades. It is not unreasonable to expect that you can now relax and enjoy this…

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Basement Membrane Tanking
25 Aug 2022

Does Basement Tanking Increase Your Home’s Value?

Increasing the value of your home is a major UK preoccupation. From replacing windows, to building conservatories to converting the loft space. Although, if none of those are possible, or if they are already done, what alternatives are left? More and more property owners are…

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23 Jun 2022

The Differences Between Basements and Cellars

As one of the top basement tanking companies in the Greater London area, we often hear the terms “basement” and “cellar” used interchangeably. Despite this, the definition of each term separates them from one another, setting a fully tanked basement apart from a tanked cellar.…

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Water drops on a waterproof surface
17 Jun 2022

The Difference Between Water Resistant and Waterproof

One way to refer to the various types of basement tanking is “waterproofing” or “damp proofing”, but what level of protection does this provide to your home? Does a tanking system in basement waterproofing ensure fool proof protection against the threat of water ingress or…

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terraced houses
15 Apr 2022

Can Damp Spread from the Neighbour’s House to my House?

According to a Barratt Homes survey, approximately 58% of the UK population lives in terraced and semi-detached homes, meaning over half of us share party walls with our neighbours. Whilst this is an efficient and more cost-effective housing option, it does present the possibility of…

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Ply wood applied waterproofing a basement
30 Aug 2021

How Much Does it Cost to Tank a Basement?

At Garratt’s Damp & Timber, we routinely carry out basement tanking. It’s an essential waterproofing technique used on properties with a below ground level. Unlike other types of damp proofing, not much is widely known about how to tank a basement in the UK, largely…

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Applying Waterproof paint bitumen with big paintbrush
04 Jun 2021

How to Waterproof Concrete

Concrete is one of the most used materials within the construction industry. In the 1960s, one of the biggest architectural trends was flat concrete exteriors. Trends come and go and whilst it’s now uncommon to see big concrete buildings being newly built, concrete is still…

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