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Preventing Condensation in your Home


Water in the air within your home is a major cause of condensation, which often leads to mould along with various other issues in and around your property. If you start noticing water droplets internally on windows, cold, damp walls and musty smells in your home then you may need to get your home checked for condensation.

Condensation is caused when warm, moist air meets a surface. This releases water on to surfaces in the form of moisture, causing the condensation. The air can only hold so much moisture, so if this becomes excessive, it can often lead to condensation very quickly.

Prevention is always better than cure. Try to eliminate the risk of condensation and damp in your property by following these simple steps:


Drive out any excess moisture from the house by making sure key areas are well ventilated. Make sure to leave the bathroom windows open after having a shower. Always make good use of the extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom and keep a window or door open if you have the dryer or dishwasher on.


If you do not have a clothes dryer, it is advisable to dry your laundry outside of the house instead of indoors as wet clothes can be major contributors to indoor humidity and damp. However, during the winter season, it can be quite a challenge to put your washing out, so it is always best to invest in a dehumidifier to control the levels of humidity indoors.

Temperature Consistency

Condensation can be caused due to major fluctuations in temperature so try to maintain a stable temperature within the house, especially during the colder months, when the risk of condensation is at its highest.


Keeping a good check on your plumbing and guttering systems could be beneficial in detecting any early signs of damp.

Keeping an eye on these minor things from the very start can go a long way in minimising the likelihood of condensation.  Taking small precautions can save your house from developing serious damp issues like mould, timber rot and woodworm.

If you feel you may have damp related issues in your property, then here at Garratt’s Damp and Timber, we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of various damp related issues.

If you require any damp-related support, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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