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Signs Your House Needs Waterproofing

Bubbles under paint on the wall

As your house ages, it will inevitably be more prone to wearing and, consequently, damage. Not only are these issues often unsightly, but they can cause serious problems to your home’s structural integrity. Additionally, issues such as damp and mould can be detrimental to your health. Furthermore, wear and damage are more likely to occur in the winter months, making now an ideal time to safeguard your home.

Here at Garratts Damp, we are basement waterproofing specialists, installing basement waterproofing systems across London and the home counties. In addition to our waterproofing services, we can diagnose rising damp issues and provide wet rot treatment. If you regularly search “house waterproofing near me”, we offer a no-obligation site survey to diagnose your home’s issues.

Coating Bubbles

One key indication that your home is in need of waterproofing is the emergence of paint blisters. These bubbles suggest that your wall coatings are losing their adhesion as a result of moisture or heat.

Penetrating Damp

A damp smell, visible stains  and visible dampness can indicate penetrating damp. This can be caused by poor waterproofing, exterior wall cracks, or roof leaks.


Crowning, marked, or warping floors suggest that your floors are absorbing moisture.


Efflorescence is the presence of white powder on surfaces and indicates the migration of water-soluble salts through your masonry. Though this can usually be washed away, it doesn’t mean that your home is protected from it in the future. Typically, it’s caused by rising or penetrating damp.


Condensation is a common problem of any building; however, it can result in mould, which would indicate that you’re in need of a solution. This is because certain fungal spores can be toxic, and particularly dangerous to asthmatics. Roof condensation can be identified by crackling sounds that indicate frozen moisture. Similarly, it might present itself in the form of spongy or buckled or spongy insulation.

 Exterior Walls

Over time, your bricks may become porous which will allow water to make its way into your property. The previously mentioned signs of penetrating damp may point towards a need for your exterior walls to be waterproofed.

Waterproofing Services at Garratts Damp

Here at Garratts Damp, we offer basement tanking and damp proofing services alike to both prevent and amend the above issues. Basement tanking is necessary for structures that sit below ground as the build-up of groundwater can result in the walls being penetrated by water, which can cause reduced stability and flooding.

We break our basement waterproofing services into two categories: Type A Waterproofing which can be described as cementitious tanking, and Type C Waterproofing, also known as membrane tanking. Each of these solutions is effective. The solution adopted will depend on your situation. We don’t tend to deal with Type B Waterproofing as this relates to prefabricated building fabrics that are implemented during the construction process as an initial water or damp barrier. Type A Waterproofing is typically applied when the walls are already suffering from instability or fragility. Type C Waterproofing is usually used to handle unpredictable water levels as it won’t place strain on the structure.

Despite this, basement waterproofing isn’t our sole damp-proofing solution. In fact, we’re able to offer all manner of services to amend all damp problems. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals, meaning that there isn’t much we haven’t encountered in the world of waterproofing. Regardless of your problem, we’ll have a solution to suit you.

The Cost of Waterproofing Your Home

It’s tricky to put one set figure on how much it costs to waterproof your house as it will depend on your home’s requirements and the scale of treatment required. However, we’re more than happy to provide you with a quote for your individual property. In fact, we offer a no-obligation site survey to determine what work needs to be carried out and how much this will cost. As a result, you’ll be left with a solid idea of costs without the pressure of having to use our services.

Regardless of how much your waterproofing solution costs, it’s certainly worth it considering how long your home will be protected from water and damp. We guarantee that our general damp proofing work will last for 20 years, whilst our basement tanking systems are set to last for 10 years.

How Long Does Waterproofing Take?

Once again, the length of time that waterproofing will take to complete depends on the extent of what needs to be done. One of our specialists will be able to give you a better estimate upon executing a site survey.

Waterproof Your Home with Garratts Damp

In order to book your site survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us with any queries regarding damp proofing. An expert member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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