damp wall corner near window
23 Sep 2022

How Rising Heating Costs Contribute to Damp Issues

One of the biggest forces that is going to be affecting the cost-of-living crisis this winter is the astronomical increases in gas and electricity costs. Millions of families across the UK will be having to choose between ‘heating and eating’ as the average cost to…

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construction worker installing and waterproofing flat roof
23 Sep 2022

Damp Proofing Old Homes and Period Properties

We imagine that older properties become damp due to the wear and tear that they undergo over the years – and that is absolutely true. However, it is a myth that older houses have always been damp. In fact, in pre-20th century construction, the materials…

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Brown Rot Cuboidal Cracking
23 Sep 2022

What is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Rot?

One of the most common concerns of property owners and tenants across the UK is dry and wet rot control. Despite this, identifying the differences between a dry rot fruiting body and wet rot can be quite tricky to distinguish. Though both are wood-destroying fungi,…

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GDT Website-worker
23 Sep 2022

Important Criteria for Selecting your London Damp Proofing Company

London is a city notorious for its cold, damp homes, lack of infrastructural investment, and poor repair and maintenance. As a result, many properties suffer, particularly during the colder winter months, and the very fabric of the buildings deteriorates. London is also a city of…

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12 Sep 2022

What is Damp Proofing, and How Does it Work?

When it comes to acquainting yourself with different aspects of damp and its treatments, one of the first terms you may encounter is “damp proofing.” To protect your home from the causes of rising damp and penetrating damp, including seasonal damp problems, a suitable damp…

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