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Putting Our Customers First

When it comes to treating damp, homeowners, without experience, aren’t able to fully understand the damage that untreated damp can cause around the home. That’s why it’s important for a trusting damp proofing company to deal with the problem, to ensure no one can take advantage of the homeowner or carry out unnecessary work that results in extra costs. Furthermore, homeowners want to get the best value for money so using a trusted damp company that can perform the majority of construction or installation tasks is the best option.

workers-shaking-handsOn the Job

A recent damp survey carried out for one of our clients revealed the need for the removal of materials, including floorboards, joists, wall plates and a large amount of corrugated steel. In addition to cleaning out existing vents and installing further vents, a positive pressure ventilation system in the sub-floor and a new floor were required. While many damp companies would have had to call in extra contractors, our team are experienced in numerous industry skills, allowing us to handle the job completely from start to finish.

While we performed the work in the communal entrance of a flat building, our team ensured that a safe walkway was available overnight and when necessary during the working day – preventing any restriction for residents moving to and from their home properties. We were also notified that the ground floor flat tenant owned a blind dog and as our team were working from this flat to access the cellar, we were all extremely vigilant in ensuring the dog’s safety.

This is all part of our customer-first values, ensuring work is carried out to the best of our ability without affecting the residents (and where necessary, their pets).

Finishing Up

At the end of every job, we perform a complete removal of all waste and dust that has occurred during the damp proofing and construction process; washing down hard surfaces and removing any protective equipment utilised by the team while they completed their work.

Considering one of the complaints homeowners often have regarding tradesmen in their home is their lack of ability to clean up after themselves, we pride ourselves on keeping a tidy work area (where possible) and leaving as little mess as possible (except for any airborne dust that may settle after we have departed).

If you are looking for an experienced, trusting damp proofing company that can offer you a full survey and carry out all work required from start to finish, get in touch with our friendly, expert team today on 0208 535 7536 or via our online contact form.

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