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Why Should I Consider Basement Tanking in London?


When it comes to our homes, we notice when things go wrong whether it’s a leak or when something is broken. However, it can often be more difficult, if not impossible, to notice when bigger things go wrong. Basement tanking can cause serious damage to the home right under your nose and is sometimes difficult to detect.

Due to the high volume of buildings and poorly ventilated basements and cellars, basement tanking in London is extremely popular. It’s often seen that because buildings are so close they spread damp from one property to another, but what is basement taking, and how will it help combat this problem?

What is Basement Tanking?

Basement tanking is essentially waterproofing your basement or cellar to ensure that stays warm and dry, helps to keep it damp-proof and watertight. Damp and water can get into your basement and cellar easily when buildings that are close to yours have a damp problem, it can spread rapidly from one to another. It is also extremely common when rooms are poorly ventilated, meaning that the air cannot circulate in the way in which it needs to.

Why Do I Need It?

If your home has basement or cellar, it’s important to ensure it stays in good condition as it is still a part of your home and as you’ve already read, damp can spread rapidly and can affect other areas in your house. It can also cause serious damage to the basement and cellar itself, leaving you with a serious problem that will continue to grow and ultimately lead to a much higher cost.

What Are the Different Types?

There are two main types of basement tanking as well as a sealed system, which are:

  • Cementitious tanking – This is for basements where a light ingress of water is anticipated. Using a waterproof render in order to provide a watertight seal around the basement this type is often seen on ground floor properties
  • Membrane sealed tanking – This is used in basements and cellars with higher and more unpredictable levels of water. Allowing water to pass behind the membrane the water is then dispersed away from the building
  • Ventilated membrane system – Often used in situations above ground where no free-running water is expected, the membrane will provide a dry internal surface that prevents damp and salt contamination

Look at Basement Tanking in London

Rather than waiting to find out what basement tanking can do, it’s better to get a professional to evaluate the situation now before it get’s any worse. If you are concerned and think you might need your basement tanking call for a free survey now.

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