18 Mar 2024

How to Get Rid of Damp in Bedrooms

While it may seem more logical that kitchens and bathrooms are more prone to damp, it may be surprising for some homeowners to learn that their bedrooms are equally vulnerable to being damaged by damp. Your kitchen and bathroom are rooms in which the production…

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13 Nov 2023

Taking Action on Fixing Damp

Damp is a widespread problem in properties across the UK; however, this doesn’t stop the fact that it’s a serious issue which requires a rapid response. Whether it’s rising or penetrating damp, these issues will not amend themselves and will only worsen with time. In…

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13 Nov 2023

How to Find a Damp Surveyor in London

To understand how to locate the best damp specialist if you are a London-based property owner, you need to clarify initially what issues you are experiencing that might need a damp assessment. If left untreated, damp can cause severe infrastructural damage to a building. Water…

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Waterproofing and Damp Treatment
16 Mar 2023

Waterproofing and Damp Treatment for London’s Historic Buildings

As the UK’s capital city, it’s no wonder that London is abundant in historical buildings; the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum are but a few. Although these structures are remarkable in their architecture, they weren’t originally built with modern damp proof…

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damp wall corner near window
23 Sep 2022

How Rising Heating Costs Contribute to Damp Issues

One of the biggest forces that is going to be affecting the cost-of-living crisis this winter is the astronomical increases in gas and electricity costs. Millions of families across the UK will be having to choose between ‘heating and eating’ as the average cost to…

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construction worker installing and waterproofing flat roof
23 Sep 2022

Damp Proofing Old Homes and Period Properties

We imagine that older properties become damp due to the wear and tear that they undergo over the years – and that is absolutely true. However, it is a myth that older houses have always been damp. In fact, in pre-20th century construction, the materials…

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12 Sep 2022

What is Damp Proofing, and How Does it Work?

When it comes to acquainting yourself with different aspects of damp and its treatments, one of the first terms you may encounter is “damp proofing.” To protect your home from the causes of rising damp and penetrating damp, including seasonal damp problems, a suitable damp…

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Penetrating damp through ceiling
25 Aug 2022

How to Deal with Damp in an Office

When it comes to dampness and mould in the workplace, it can be tricky to know who is responsible for dealing with these issues. Quite simply, there’s much confusion surrounding damp in the workplace in the UK. This is mainly down to the fact that…

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17 Jun 2022

What Happens if You Leave Damp Untreated?

Structural dampness is an incredibly common problem in properties around the world; however, not everyone knows how to deal with it. Although it can be tempting to simply ignore your damp problem, any form of damp will only worsen when left untreated. As a result,…

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Purifier Next to Mold infested Wall
26 Apr 2022

Preventing Damp in Flats/Apartments

It can’t be denied that finding damp issues in your flat is stressful, especially in a rented apartment in which you’ll have to pay the landlord for the damage. What a lot of homeowners and renters don’t know is that there are actually various types…

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