Contractors, building companies and property maintenance companies operating in the Home Counties can benefit from damp and timber specialists Garratt’s and the company’s decades of knowledge, expertise and experience.

If you are in need of damp surveyors in the Home Counties, our PCA-trained professional team will come to your site to inspect any issues, including wet and dry rot, rising damp, basement flooding and the possible installation of basement tanking systems.

Damp and Timber Specialists

In the Home Counties, the high value of properties demands that they be well maintained and levels of investment protected. As a result, Garratt’s will carry out damp surveys and make recommendations for commercial timber treatment suitable for a wide range of properties, including residential homes, office buildings, and older buildings of important historical significance.

Once assessed, our damp surveyors will provide Home Counties businesses and contractors with recommendations. As a company that has over 70 years of combined experience in damp proofing, you can be assured that the solution we provide will be a long-term, cost-effective remedy to any timber issues.

Commercial Structural Waterproofing in the Home Counties

Contractors working with older properties requiring damp and timber specialists in the Home Counties for commercial structural waterproofing projects can be reassured of Garratt’s Damp & Timber professional accreditations, which include CSSW, CSRT and CSTDB. The company also ensures all works adhere to British Regulations BS8102 2022.

Commercial Damp Treatment

At Garratt’s Damp & Timber LTD, we pride ourselves on our commercial know-how and deep understanding of the issues that commercial organisations face managing extensive property portfolios. This includes assessing the viability of underground, often cavernous spaces underneath commercial buildings and residential blocks and treating any damp issues, making them ready for conversion into viable spaces for living and working.

Our commercial damp treatment services employ fully qualified, highly trained damp surveyors to Home Counties buildings, assessing for wet and dry rot, condensation, rising and penetrating damp, basement flooding and the viability of installing tanking solutions.

We work side by side with contractors on all damp proofing and basement tanking works. Persistent flooding in any building is a specialist area that is complex to solve for those who don’t have the skills and expertise of Garratt’s. We pride ourselves on taking away that burden from contractors and reassuring them with damp-proofing solutions that are fully guaranteed.

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Garratt’s is one of the leading damp and timber specialists in the Home Counties. Contact us to discuss your damp survey requirements.




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