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Myth Busting: How Effective are Dehumidifiers?


If your property is suffering from a damp problem, the use of a dehumidifier will only help to contain the problem as opposed to damp proofing your home.

There are a number of damp issues that can affect your property, with the most common issue stemming from condensation. This is when there is excess moisture in the air, which can result in black spots on walls and a build-up of mould along window frames.

Various retail outlets sell dehumidifiers, ranging from small boxes to place on the window-sill to large electronic appliances that absorb the moisture in the atmosphere. While there is no doubt that dehumidifiers can play a role in containing the issue, they do not address it.

The Cause of Condensation

Condensation is most common in rooms where there is water and still air. This is why the two rooms most at risk of damp from condensation are the kitchen and bathroom, due to water used on a daily basis in these areas.

When cooking in the kitchen, you should make use of an extractor fan and open a window, even if only slightly ajar, to allow moisture to escape and for air to circulate. Warm homes are less likely to suffer from damp, which is why buildings without a central heating system are at higher risk than those with one.

Damp Proofing in London

At Garratt’s Damp, we have been offering our damp proofing services in London since 2003 and utilise our knowledge and experience to carry out work after surveying a property to offer the best solution possible.

As part of our services, we may install ventilation systems throughout the building to allow air to better circulate around the building. While it is true that the kitchen and bathroom are most at risk, they are not the only rooms that are susceptible to damp issues.

A Permanent Solution

While dehumidifiers help to absorb water vapours in the atmosphere, they do nothing for the circulation and ventilation of air, which is ultimately the cause of damp. At Garratt’s Damp, we provide a permanent damp proofing solution for your home, saving your property from damage resulting from the build-up of mould and dry rot.

For more information on the services that Garratt’s Damp provides, or to request a quotation, please call the team today on 0208 535 7536 and we will be happy to help.

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