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What are Your Obligations as a Landlord?

There are thousands of landlords across the UK and if you plan to become one or are already renting out a property there are various obligations that are required. Of course, some will be clearly outlined such as each landlord should ensure that all their properties are fire safe and have proper, up-to-date checks on both gas and electric. But despite this, there are some obligations that are less well known.

One such obligation is to ensure that the property is free from damp – exactly why a damp proofing quote is always recommended if the property has any issues. For those who are unaware, here are some of the obligations you will need to know as a landlord.

The Property

Here are the obligations that landlords must adhere to for the property.

  • All rented properties should be structurally sound and free from major disrepair. This means that the walls and floors should be properly checked for any structural damage before allowing any tenants to enter the property
  • Properties should have running water and a good drainage system to avoid any flooding
  • Properties should have adequate and safe lighting as low light levels can often be hazardous, especially on staircases
  • Properties should have sufficient heating and ventilation
  • All properties should be completely free from any type of damp

The Repairs

Now that you know the property obligations, here are the repairs that should be taken on by a landlord. All are important and can result in fines or legal action if not rectified in a timely manner.

  • Any damage to the structure of the property
  • Any damage to the heating, which is especially important during the colder months
  • Issues with hot water systems
  • Any gas issues, which is one of the most important things to repair as gas issues can be extremely dangerous if left unresolved
  • Problems with the electricity which could affect lighting and other necessities
  • Any repairs needed to toilets, sinks, baths and any other essential sanitary fittings

Each of these repairs must be fixed in a timely manner using the correct services and tools to avoid any further damage. With that in mind, another repair to add to the list is any damage that is caused by other repair work as this would not be at the fault of the tenants.

However, you may have noticed that landlords are not required to repair any damp issues. The reason for this is that any problems should have been repaired before the tenant moved in. But if the problem persists, we recommend getting a damp proofing quote for the property to help solve the issue once and for all. Of course, you may not be required to repair damp issues, but you should still do so as they can not only damage the property but can also become harmful to tenants. So, if you spot any problems, fix them before they worsen.

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