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Top Autumn Maintenance Tips for Preventing Damp

Autumn winds blow, rain pours, and the chill starts to take hold as we move towards the end of the year. If you’ve not had a chance to carry out necessary maintenance on your home over the summer months, make sure to get out and complete your checklist before the winter weather arrives, something which could put your property at an increased risk of damp.

autumn-leaves-guttering-houseDamp proofing your London home against the most common causes of penetrative damp can help to prevent costly repairs in the spring and counteract an increased chance of mould growth as moisture spreads through your walls over the cold, damp months.


One of the leading causes of penetrative damp on exterior walls is damaged or ineffective guttering. If your gutters are full of leaf litter or debris or are hanging away from the wall, they will not be able to efficiently channel rainwater away from your home’s walls which could lead to water dripping or flowing onto exterior walls. This can quickly lead to penetrating damp, especially in older homes that may require repointing of brickwork.

If your home is suffering from penetrating damp, you are likely to see:

  • Damp patches on interior walls. These might be higher up on the wall and you may notice several disconnected patches. Damp patches are also likely to swell after especially heavy rain
  • Musty smell throughout any room with an affected exterior wall
  • Flaky, damaged or peeling plaster on walls connected to the outdoors


Your roof is an important part of keeping your home warm and dry and any damaged or missing tiles can lead to water making its way into your loft or attic space. In turn, this can play havoc with damp and timber decay. If left unchecked, damp timber can lead to wet rot or dry rot infestations which could then contribute to structural defects, affecting the stability of your home. If you can, make sure to check over your roof for any signs of missing tiles and if necessary, get them replaced by a trusted, competent company or contractor.

Exterior of the Property

If there are cracks on the exterior faces of your property or missing mortar between the exterior brickwork of your home, you could be at risk of letting moisture in. During the day, before the sun sinks too low in the sky, make time to check over the exterior walls of your property and take note of any signs or indications of wear or damage. Cracks and mortar can be repaired and replenished fairly easily, although you should always contact a professional if you are worried about the appearance or quality of a home maintenance job.

If you are concerned that your home may be suffering from damp or you would like advice from an experienced damp proofing company in London, please contact our expert team on 0208 535 7536 and enquire about a survey.

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