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Redecoration Tips after Damp Proofing Treatment


If your property has just undergone treatment for damp or is currently in the process of completing such treatment, you may be looking at ways in which you can redecorate your home. In London, damp proofing may only be a precautionary measure, but more often than not, it is implemented in the aftermath of damp in the property.

Issues such as rising damp, condensation and dry and wet rot can cause damage to the structure and aesthetics of the home, both inside and out. In order to make your house feel more like a home again, redecorating doesn’t have to take long, and luckily, it doesn't have to be expensive, either.


Bathrooms are one of the most commonly hit rooms in the household when it comes to damp, largely due to the fact that running water is present. This can result in mould forming on the windows and tiles, which over time can cause damage.

While a thorough clean of the bathroom will do wonders, the itch to add a new lease of life into the space can be too big a temptation to ignore. If tiles need replacing, make this the time to add a new pattern to your bathroom rather than a dull and boring all-white design. New bath mats can also make a cheap and cheerful accessory.

Living Room

If your property has recently suffered from rising damp, it is possible that the excess moisture has damaged any wallpaper on your walls. Following the damp proofing process, you will certainly want to make amends to any visible damage left behind in the most important room in the home.

As we know, decorators can be expensive, especially in London, so it is certainly worth putting in a little elbow grease to cut costs. Removing wallpaper can be a tedious task, but once done, you are free to decide whether you want to add new wallpaper or simply paint your walls. If you do decide to paint, remember to air out your home by opening doors and windows as fumes can be unpleasant in confined spaces.

Our Expert Damp Proofing Team in London

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