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Fixing Damp and Timber Issues Can Reduce Energy Bills

Fixing Damp

The current cost-of-living crisis is leaving so many people globally in financial insecurity due to extortionate energy bills, rising food costs, and more. As a result, a number of UK residents are being forced to reduce their outgoings, with some even making a choice between heating and eating.

As of 2021, roughly 904,000 homes in England had damp problems, which equates to around four per cent of homes at the time. This number is only likely to have grown amid the current situation in which people are unable to heat their homes. So, a lack of heating worsens damp problems, and damp problems worsen a home’s energy efficiency; it’s a vicious cycle that many are struggling to escape from.

Why is Damp Proofing so Important?

Damp leads to a number of issues for a property; not only is it the culprit of unsightly mould and watermarks, but it can be dangerous, too. The presence of damp in a property can reduce its structural integrity and even lead to serious health issues for the occupants. Damp-related health problems are of particular concern for the most vulnerable members of society, including children and the elderly. Therefore, landlords and property managers have a duty of care to fulfil wherein an adequate damp proof course must be in place. Cutting corners isn’t an option, especially when the effects of such can be fatal.

What Happens If Damp Isn’t Treated with Urgency?

As previously mentioned, a property’s infrastructure can be damaged by the presence of damp. This is because damp and rot can lead to timber softening, deteriorating, and even breaking. Moreover, damp can result in walls becoming waterlogged, resulting in instability, deteriorated internal decoration, and even black mould.

All in all, damp isn’t a problem that’ll fix itself. Over time, the problem will only worsen, creating untenable living conditions for tenants and expensive repairs for landlords.

How a Damp Home Affects Energy Saving

Damp walls, cold bridges around doors, and windows will hinder a property’s ability to save energy. This is because water ingress can make its way through brickwork & draw moisture laden air to draw to the cold spots around doors and windows. Therefore, some landlords will opt for door and window replacements While this may offer a temporary solution, the existing problem will continue to cause problems around the new installations.

Similarly, to solve damp issues in walls, landlords sometimes insulate the walls; however, this tends to do more harm than good. This is because insulation inhibits air from circulating within walls, which reduces their ability to dry themselves out. Meanwhile, in the instance that damp issues are caused by downpipes or leaking gutters, this insulation will be completely wasted. This is because water will continue to penetrate the property, resulting in worsened damp issues and more mould.

In a damp-free home, energy-efficient windows and doors and quality insulation are required to save energy. In a damp home, though, these will either be rendered useless or with inadequate ventilation can have the opposite effect.

How Can I Save Energy In My Home With Damp?

How can I save energy in my home with damp?' - As previously mentioned, all energy-saving methods will be rendered useless and even counterproductive in the presence of damp. Saving energy in a damp home simply isn’t feasible, which is why landlords must tackle these damp problems at the root & then look to energy efficiency measures.

Commercial Services by Garratt’s Damp & Timber LTD

Here at Garratt’s, we not only offer our services to homeowners, but we also provide them in a commercial capacity. This way, landlords and property managers can make the most of our damp-proofing solutions, creating a safe and secure place in which their tenants can reside.

As industry experts, we deliver timber treatment, damp treatment, and structural waterproofing. If you’re not sure which treatment you require, book a survey and leave it to us. With two decades in the industry, we can use our expertise to make the necessary calls and ensure your property is in the condition it needs to be.

Book a Damp Proof Course Survey

Garratt’s Damp & Timber LTD works alongside landlords and property managers, offering advice on preventative and remedial work. Depending on the extent of the work required, we’re able to collate an achievable and realistic damp-proof course cost for London.

In order to book a survey, get in touch with us here. After gathering some information about your current requirements, we can go about organising a convenient time at which we can pay you a visit. We understand that times are tough for property owners and tenants alike, so we’ll be sure to carry out the work as cost-effectively as possible.

The world is an unpredictable place right now, and we want to ensure that all tenants have a comfortable constant that they can call home.

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