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What Causes Damp in the Basement?

Basements - they are a wonderful bit of additional space in our homes that can be utilised in a vast number of ways, adding extra rooms, storage space, a wine cellar... whatever you fancy, a basement can handle it. However, even if your basement has no access to the exterior, you might have noticed a problem with damp and high humidity. Increased damp conditions can lead to further problems like mould growth and damage to internal finishes which could damage your furnishings and could even cause structural damage.

damp-basementIf you notice damp problems in your home, you may need to speak to a professional damp proofing company regarding basement tanking in your London or city property. Below, we explore some of the reasons why your basement could be allowing water ingress or suffering from increased humidity.


Moisture can get into your basement in several ways, especially if it is located beneath ground level. If the substrate was not protected with a damp-proof course or coated in a protective solution, water and moisture are likely to ingress through the porous building materials. The moisture will sit in the walls, slowly spreading through to interior surfaces and creating the perfect environment for mould and fungus growth.

Check that gutters and downpipes discharge away from your property, draining preferably into a dedicated drain rather than into the surrounding ground which can lead to damp problems if the internal walls and floors are not protected.


If you are suffering from high levels of humidity, this can cause increased condensation. While condensation does not always require professional repair, if nothing is done to dry out the air or reduce humidity it can lead to problems with damp. You can provide enough ventilation to medium-high humidity rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) with extractor fans or dehumidifiers and you’ll want to ensure that there are no water leaks anywhere in the basement that could be making the issue worse. Any pipes that run through your basement should be insulated with foam to prevent condensation forming and contributing to a moist environment.

Basement Tanking

Have you got damp problems in your basement that won’t go away? You may need to seek out basement tanking services for your London property. Basement tanking involves a professional company coming in to waterproof your basement area, keeping it watertight and free from damp.

If you would like more information on basement tanking or are interested in enquiring about basement tanking for your home, please get in contact with our expert team on 0208 535 7536 for a survey.

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